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Parents Corner


Faith Christian School is registered with the Illinois Regional Superintendent’s Office.  Registration assures that we comply with federal and state laws regarding health examination and immunization, attendance, length of school term, establishment of a nondiscrimination policy, and applicable fire and health safety requirements.   The teachers at FCS are qualified, trained, and dedicated professionals.  Their creativity and knowledge of our chosen curriculum aids them in promoting a high academic standard in the classroom. 



School hours are from 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM each day. 

Students may arrive between 8:15 – 8:30 and should go directly to their classroom before the start of school.  The teachers will have a planned activity for them to do while they wait for the start of school.  Children who arrive earlier than 8:15 and are not in the Morning Care Program should wait with their parents until time to go into the classroom. 

Please make every effort to arrive at school on time each day. Students are considered tardy if they arrive later than 8:35. 

Morning students should be picked up at 11:25 each day.  Full day students should be picked up by 3:00PM, unless they enrolled in the After-School Care Program.  Please be on time to pick up your child. 



FCS offers a traditional program of Phonics, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Bible.  We believe that education is the responsibility of the parents and in cooperation with them the school is wholly dedicated to helping each child achieve academic success and reach their full potential. 



Daily Bible lessons that focus on the familiar stories of the Bible, Prayer, and Singing are an important part of our school day.  Christmas and Easter are taught from a definitive Christian viewpoint.  Students are taught about Jesus and encouraged to love God as they develop such character traits as honesty, obedience, kindness, sharing and citizenship.     

2020Celebrates our 24th Year


Faith Christian School adheres to a Christian Statement of Faith and is a non-denominational school.  Knowing this we pledge our fullest cooperation to keep doctrinal controversy out of the school at all times.


We agree that setting a Godly Christian example for the children in our school is of extreme importance.  Therefore, while on school property we agree to follow good manners and Christian conduct in our speech, dress, and behavior.


We agree to uphold and support the high academic standards of the school by reviewing our child’s class work, helping them in areas where they may be struggling, see that homework assignments are completed, and praise them in areas of accomplishments and improvements.


We understand that communication with the teacher is important.  We agree to sign and return notes or class work as requested by the teacher and will attend all Parent Teacher Conferences.


We understand that if our child becomes involved in any kind of trouble with another student we will in love and with prayer register our concern with the teacher or Principal.  We agree not to involve students in any conflicts between parents or teachers by allowing them to hear and/or participate in conversations between adults. 


We understand that the purpose of the school dress code is for modesty, appearance and the development of a positive self-image.  Dress code compliance is the responsibility of the parents.  We will see that the guidelines are followed.  We understand that the school reserves the right to determine inappropriate attire.


We will invest authority in the school to maintain standards of classroom behavior through clear communications of expectations and with genuine respect for each student.  If disciplinary action ever becomes necessary it will be carried out with good judgment and understanding.  The school will not administer corporal punishment.  Teachers will endeavor to keep parents informed of any major or recurring discipline problems.  Students who exhibit repeated behavioral problems will not be allowed to continue to attend Faith Christian School.  


We understand that Faith Christian School has the right to dismiss a student if the

parent or student does not:


  • Respect and observe the spiritual and behavioral standards of the school.

  • Cooperate with our educational goals.

  • Act in accordance with and cooperate with the Teachers and Administration.

  • Fulfill the financial obligations as stated in the signed Financial Agreement.

Mornings at Faith Christian School

for Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten


  1. Arrival time with table play and art activities

  2. Circle time with Calendar, Bible Lesson, Music, and Prayer

  3. Restroom Break

  4. Recess – Weather permitting the children will play outdoors.  If weather does not permit outdoor play we play indoors in the playroom. 

  5. Snack Time – The children have a snack each day that is provided by the parents. 

  6. Teacher directed learning time with workbooks, games, and review.

  7. Language Enrichment, Special Projects,  Poetry, Story Time, and Free Play. 

  8. Dismissal for morning students.



Afternoons at Faith Christian School

for Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten


  1. Lunch

  2. Recess

  3. Restroom

  4. Story time

  5. Rest Time

  6. Free Play

  7. Dismissal


   Students enrolled in our After-School Care

   Program will go to snack & play time at 3:00.